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O sobie: Our History
Florrea (Shenyang FLORREA Chemicals Co., Ltd) located in China, is ISO9001 Certified world leading Manufacturer and supplier on flotation reagents with 20 years exporting experience and production history in China.
Florrea has a famous branch FRIMM (FLORREA RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLUGY) Since 1993 to get involved in the research and development of NEW flotation reagents together with world famous scientist ,researchers, flotation engineers and metallurgists, FRIMM team is proud to have a complete set of flotation reagents including innovated traditional flotation reagents , world most advanced new functionalized flotation reagents and tailor made formulated reagents. FRIMM accumulates good knowledge of flotation reagents application expertise to deliver real value to mining customers around the globe .
Who has used florrea’s flotation reagents?
Florrea Products have been used within the minerals industry in over 10 years in over 30 countries by 180 mines from large mining consortiums to small businesses like: XSTRATA,BHP,CODELCO,RIO TINTO and FLOMIN etc. to improve and optimize the recovery of minerals and also for the reduction of total production cost in the concentrator operations, while minimizing environmental impact..
Product Application
Florrea mining reagent are widely used for the flotation of both sulfide and oxide ores.
-Base metals: copper, copper-molybdenum, zinc, lead, nickel, cobalt and polymetals.
-Platinum group minerals.
-Precious metals: gold and silver.
Our Certificate
What benefits can florrea reagents bring to me compared with other competitors
Enhanced recovery of all value minerals
Better separation of gangue
Improved concentrate grades
Significant cost savings
Reduced consumption of collectors and other reagents
Greater control of the flotation circuit
Stability and avoidance of hazardous decomposition products
Low environmental toxicity
Replacement of xanthate by a new Florrea reagents suites
What mining services can Florrea offer
Flotation plant design
• Flotation plant modification
• Flotation plant commissioning
• Flotation plant trouble shooting and problem solving
• On-site education of operators and metallurgists on the theoretical and practical aspects of mineral flotation and flotation reagents application and safety
• Lab ore mineralogy analytical service
• Lab flotation testing service
• Mine-site flotation testing(plant trial)
• Consulting(flotation, mineralogy, mining and geometallurgy, sustainability Clariant Flotanol H53 manufacturers