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O sobie: FG20 Gasoline Forklift
Capacity @500 mm LC 2,000kg
Fuel Type Gasoline
Engine Nissan
Mast 3.0m/3.3m/3.6m/4m/4.5m/4.8m/5m/6m

Substantially reduced vibration by adopting dual floating
systems for both the engine and hood.
Minimizes the transfer for vibration to the operator, with four
point rubber cushion absorbers between the seat and engine
and its transmission. Moreever, use of the same four-point
suspension adopted in the hood, realizing a dual effect in
reducing vehicle vibrations.
Durabal steering axles:
Also a durable design, the steer axle has been strengthened
and improved for durability in demanding applications.
Durable transmissions:
New designed and developed durable transmissions are for
quiet operation and maximum durability, and are built to
insure the highest quality.
Cooling running through improved airflow:
Optimal positioning of the fan, radiator and muffler has reduced the operation coolant temperature(gasoline models) the
operating temperature of the hydraulice oil has been reduced.
Expansive floor space for easier foot maneuvering:
An amazing 45% increase in floor space by placing tilt cylinders under the floor. This gives a smooth footwell in addition to
easy entry and exit.
Reduced fatigue due to a semi-circular steering wheel:
A smaller diameter(300mm outer diameter) steering wheel
gives improved vehicle maneuverability. In addition, this
compact steering wheel makes it much easier to get on and off
the truck.
Easier entry and exit from an extra-wide step-55% wider:
The secure step with enlarged foot space enables greater
comfort and less fatigue whhile entering and exiting the
Meter panel optimally located to the right of the driver's
The meter panel is located on the top right side of the
dashboard for easier readability by the operator.
High-mounted Integral rear combination lights:
The brake lights are easily visible at the top of the overhead
guard. Recessed for protection, they are vibration resistant,
with longer life.
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