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The Reason of Called Super 3D Silk Lashes
1. More Softer:
Lashes thickness is 0.05, thinner and softer than normal silk lashes, material is Korean PBT Fibers.
2. More Fluffy:
Multilayers, similar curls with 3D mink lashes, but much more cheaper.
3. More Reusable:
Reusable over 25 times with proper care.
4. Band
Thinnest cotton band, balck band and clear band are both available.
Recommend our Best Sellers as following.
My factory has our own designer, can make the packages with your company logo and design ideas, we can also custom the shape of the box based on your requirements!
Any other question, please feel free to contact us:
WhatsApp: +86 13210148867
Ins: magicbeautylashesCustomized Super 3D Silk Lashes