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Is laser hair removal suitable for me ? dnia 27.04.2018 09:11 przez skeily
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The melanin residing in our skin imparts pigment to the skin and also gives us body hair color or color. The laser used for 808nm diode laser hair removal machine is selectively targeted to the melanin found in the hair. Due to the selective absorption of photons by the laser, only black or brown hair can be removed. Patients with light or blond hair can help with laser hair removal, but they may need more treatment.

The number of treatments depends on the type of hair and skin color, usually between 8 and 12. Various questions such as treatment area, skin color, hair rough and gender affect the number and results of treatments.

Although 808 diode laser hair removal device is a mature technique, the pulsed light system is very similar to the laser and removes hair in the same way. Both laser and pulsed light therapy work by emitting a pulse of intense light into the hair follicle. Light is absorbe... Zobacz więcej

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