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How to Get a Laptop Keyboard Working dnia 13.07.2017 04:00 przez roulinn520
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While replacing a failed keyboard on a desktop computer is a simple matter, replacing the keyboard on a laptop is a bit more complicated. It also is much more costly, so before you give up and have the entire unit replaced,Acer Laptop Keyboard it is a good idea to attempt a repair. Many common laptop keyboard problems, including sticking keys, non-functioning keys and repeating keys, can be fixed.

Turn off the laptop and remove the power cord. Flip the battery compartment lever to the unlocked position and remove the battery.

Turn over the laptop so the top is facing you. Open the top cover as far as it will go, then turn the laptop upside down and shake it.Dell Laptop Keyboard This will help dislodge any dirt and food particles that could be interfering with the operation of the keyboard.

Hold a can of compressed air at a 45-degree angle to the keybo... Zobacz więcej

How to Unlock a Keyboard on a Elitebook Laptop dnia 10.10.2016 06:04 przez roulinn520
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The HP Elitebook notebook packs the power of a desktop into a notebook for users who are constantly on the go. If your keyboard has become damaged and unusable, you can unlock the Acer Laptop Keyboard, then remove it so you can replace it with a new one.
Disconnect any cables and external devices that are connected to your HP Elitebook. Lift up the notebook and place it upside down on a stable surface with the flat surface of the notebook closest to you. The battery is located along the lower edge of the notebook.
Push the battery-release latch above the the middle of the battery to the right to disengage the battery from the notebook. Lift and remove the battery.
[co... Zobacz więcej

How to Make Bold Lettering on a Laptop Keyboard dnia 19.09.2016 12:35 przez roulinn520
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Formatting files on your laptop, such as word processing documents and spreadsheets, is an important part of making your content readable, and where required, emphatic. There are a number of mechanisms for doing so, including font changes and background coloring. One common method is creating bold lettering. This is often done using menus, but that can be convoluted, requiring a number of mouse clicks. A simpler way is to use a combination of keys on your HP Laptop Keyboard.

Open the file in which you want to make items bold.

Highlight the item you want to display in a bold style.

Press the “Ctrl” and “B” keys simultaneously.Sony Laptop Keyboard The item selected will become emboldened.

Tips & Warnings

To highlight items you wish to make bold: for a single word, double click on it; for a set of words or other elements, click right before the f... Zobacz więcej

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