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Energy saving Biomass Steam Generator
Wood Pellet Steam Generator
1. Product Introduction of the wood pellet steam generator
Wood pellet steam generator adopts the most advanced biomass pellets fuel and semi-gasification compound combustion technology, microcomputer control system, modular design can replace coal, oil, gas, electric heating boiler. Fully automatic intelligent operation, no need to be supervised, free of inspection. Operation maintenance simple, steam production fast, steam drying high characteristics, product energy saving, environmental protection. Compared to oil, gas, electric heating boiler can save 30%- 80% running cost!
2. Product Parameter of the wood pellet steam generator
ModelRated evaporation (kg/hr)Voltage(V)Fuel consuption (kg/hr)External dimension  (L*W*H mm)Weight(KG)
LSG0.06-0.7-S60 220 12 1410*650*1900425
LSG0.08-0.7-S80 220 15 1410*650*2250450
LSG0.1-0.7-S100 220 17 1410*650*2300520
LSG0.15-0.7-S150 220 20 1410*650*2350600
LSG0.2-0.7-S200 220 25 1500*750*2420650
LSG0.3-0.7-S300 220 30 1600*850*2420750
LSG0.4-0.7-S400 220 40 1650*950*2420900
LSG0.5-0.7-S500 220 50 1700*1000*24201000
3. Product Feature of the wood pellet steam generator
1) Safety: Combustion inside the chamber, no open flame outside of the chamber. All biomass steam generator has been ignition tested before out of factory. After rigorous testing, the boiler's performance, combustion equipment, automatic control system and reliability of safety equipments are guaranteed. It is equipped with high and low water level alarm and limit low water level stop machine, and there is automatic water pump control, there is no water shortage accident. High quality tank manufacturing, automatic chain control, safe and reliable.
2) Energy saving: Using high quality burner, the fuel consumption is low, the vertical three – return way is adopted, and the thermal efficiency is over 90%.
3) Environmental protection: no black smoke, small noise, no environmental pollution.
4) Convenience: Full automatic combustion and water level control, and automatic detection of burner.
5) The control system adopts the traditional electric components and maintenance is convenient.
6) The small steam generator is shipped by whole machine, always be ready to use.
7) Compact structure, single layer layout, saving space, easy installed.
8) Biomass steam generator for produce steam in 3 minutes, saving the fuel cost of 30 minutes combustion per day.
9) The patent temperature control technology can adjust the steam temperature according to the requirement of the user, and can prevent the dry burning and the resulting gas explosion.
10) The air inlet and drain outlet are the same diameter, reducing the boiler scaling, and increasing the service life.
11) National exemption: the boiler water volume is less than 30L, which can be free of annual inspection fee and cumbersome procedures.
12) Convenient operation: Full automatic intelligent control, no need to be on duty. Can be set to either manual or automatic mode; the pressure and water level are automatically controlled by pressing the button and entering the automatic operation state. The controller can control the pressure automatically, and the control system can protect the water pump when the load changes.
4. Production Details of the wood pellet steam generator
5. Economic Analysis of the wood pellet steam generator
Compare the fuel consumption per 100kgs steam (RMB):
Rated fuel consumption72KW/H6.8KG/H16.5NM3/H7.8 NM3/H16KG/H
Fuel price1/KW6/KG6/KG3/M31/KG
Fuel cost per 100kgs steam7240.89923.416
Relative energy efficiency-77.78%-60.78%-83.84%-31.62%
Cost saving/hr (80% capacity)¥-44.80¥-19.84¥-66.40¥-5.92
Cost saving/day (8hrs)¥-358.40¥-158.72¥-531.20¥-47.36
Cost saving/month (26 days)¥-9,318.40¥-4,126.72¥-13,811.20¥-1,231.36
Cost saving/year (11 months)¥10,2500.00¥45,400.00 ¥151,900.00 ¥13,500.00
Cost saving/3 years¥307,500.00 ¥136,000.00 ¥455,800.00 ¥40,600.00
Cost saving/5 years¥512,500.00 ¥227,000.00 ¥759,600.00 ¥67,700.00
6. Product Qualification of the wood pellet steam generator
7. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the wood fired steam generator
8. FAQ
Why Choose Us ?
1) We're the leading manufacturer of biomass burner, hot air generator, Aluminum melting furnace, factory located in Foshan.
2) We are exporting to many countries and area, we have distributor in Malaysia, Thailand, India and Ukraine.
3) We have plenty of experience in various applications nearby, can show you the running machine in our customer 's place any time.
4) Competitive price, high quality and quick delivery.
5) Engineers are able to serve oversea.
Our Service:
1) Your letters about any question will be replied within 24 hours.
2) We can design a machine according to your request.
3) We are a team full of experienced engineers, you have any question could tell us.
4) Good after-sale service offered.
5) We could provide training lesson in your factory.
9. Last News
Energy saving Biomass Steam Generator

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